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tv   New Day  CNN  October 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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conversation -- why can't you admit, too, that at cnn you and your colleagues have been talking about other things to the exsphrclusion to these issu. >> that's like saying you never talked about puerto rico's hurricane problems before the hurricane. >> i have a meeting in a minute. >> let me ask you very quickly. rex tillerson. the president just tweeted that the secretary of state never threatened to resign. this is fake news put out by nbc news. low news and reporting standings, no verification from me. let's put this in context. the secretary of state didn't deny that he called the president a moron. he said he doesn't want to deal with it, so did not refute the reporting out on that level, and then corker came out and said tillerson, mattis and kelly are the three men that keep us from
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chaos. do you have any concerns about stability within the white house? >> that senator corker giving accolades to the great leadership of our former dhs secretary and now chief of staff, and secretary mattis at the pentagon, and he's crediting their leadership for keeping this country from chaos around the world. >> you think it's the chaos around the world and not the white house? >> this president inherited a true mess. secretary tillerson did a couple remarkable things yesterday. he got the president to say he had full confidence in him, and tillerson never considered stepping aside. he also went on to give us a catalogue of progress, as the secretary of state, and as the president. he talked about pakistan and iran and all the progress they are making around the world, and
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i thought it was a remarkable catalogue of the progress. he said he never once thought of resigning and he supports the president as much today as the day he took the job, and he reminded why donald trump got elected because he promised to take our country in a new direction around the globe, and to ensure our security. he said he's not going to play this game, he doesn't understand -- >> he didn't even he said it either. it was odd that he felt the need to come out in a press conference to say all that. it's something we are not used to seeing. >> it was remarkable. >> we agree. >> we are glad he's secretary of state and glad he's busy helping our interests around the globe because this president is right and he did inherit a big mess.
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>> thank you for taking the time. have a good day. >> okay. we have a lot of news to get to, chris. let's do it. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "new day." we begin with new details in the las vegas massacre. the sheriff believes the killer had to have help given the planning and the arsenal he was able to amass. authorities are trying to determine if something happened last october that led the killer to stockpile dozens of weapons, chris. there's new video that captures the horror of that night. it's just better to play it than to describe it. >> go! go! everybody go! go! run! keep your head down! go! keep your head down and go! run! [ gunfire ]
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>> what you see, first responders keeping themselves in the line of fire to help others. you see mandalay bay there some 300, 400 yards behind and very much the point of focus of life and death for so many on the ground. you also hearing is that should not be ignored, not now, not ever. that field of fire that is being laid down was that fast because of a device that is completely legal that this man was able to buy and use and he bought it to do exactly what you just saw. why was he able to get something like this? why was he able to do any of this? we learned more about this murderer's deadly intentions. now we know he rented a condo across from another music festival the week before.
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let's begin with cnn's jean k casarez in las vegas. >> reporter: a hail of bullets sending concertgoers running for their lives in this chilling new video. >> run, don't walk! run! go! go! everybody go! >> reporter: rapid fire stopping and starting as the minutes go by. a traffic systems technician heard directing thousands of frantic people to safety. >> keep your head down and run this way. >> reporter: as investigators work to find out what triggered this heinous attack new details continue to emerge about the
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killer's elaborate plan. authorities looking into what happened last october that led the killer to start stockpiling 33 firearms in the last year, and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in the killer's car parked in the hotel's valet. >> you look at the weapon obtaining, the different amounts of tannerite available. do you think this was all accomplished on his own? >> reporter: the killer rendered a room at this condo building across from a different and larger music festival the weekend before he opened fire at the route 91 country music festival. investigators say new evidence suggests the killer planned to escape and blocked off the
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stairway near his hotel room. the authorities releasing a more detailed timeline of how the carnage unfolded. the gunshots started at 10:05 and stopping at 10:15. an unarmed security guard approached the room where the killer fired more than 200 rounds into the hallway at the security guard, wounding him in the leg. a door riddled with bullet holes. 12 minutes after the shooting began the first police officers arrived on the 32nd floor finding the wounded guard and calling for backup before clearing the surrounding hotel rooms. >> we have the hallway contained, the room where the shots were fired. >> after the s.w.a.t. team arrived the first breach of the hotel room was made at 11:20, an
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hour and five minutes after the shooting started. the shooter's girlfriend, marilou danley, breaking her science after being interviewed by the fbi. her lawyer read a statement. >> he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> reporter: law enforcement will not say the location of danley this morning. they say she is cooperating with them and when a witness does that they do not want to note where they are and want to protect their privacy. they say she is not a suspect and is not in any type of federal custody. >> thank you so much. we follow the investigation because we want answers because it helps to deal with the pain and frankly the frustration that
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we keep seeing these. it seems like there's nothing we can do to stop the next one from happening or the bigger question is, will we even try? joining us now is independent senator, angus king of maine. senator, always a pleasure. thank you for take the opportunity. let's talk about this. you saw me going at it with kellyanne and this is a proposition that needs to be tested. either you believe the dignity of the survivors and those that did not survive warrants a look at this problem that recurs, or it's politicizing. >> i don't see it as politicizing, if this was a dam break because of a faulty valve, we would not talking about that faulty valve. this is where a piece of equipment enabled this tragedy to occur. the bump stock allowed this guy
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to shoot many more rounds a minute before stopping to reload. it was legalized seven years ago. shouldn't have been. i think it's something -- believe it or not, we have republicans and democrats both talking about the danger of this thing. machine guns are illegal and have been for many years. this converts a semiautomatic rival to a machine gun and it should not be allowed. >> '86, the law took away the manufacturer of machine guns from the public, but what are we seeing online right now? people buying bump stocks. it's not because they didn't know about them, but it's because they are afraid it would be taken away. it helps fuel the speculation, you want to take away our guns and help the bad guys. >> it has gotten to the point
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where any limitation whatsoever -- we couldn't get a bill through last year to keep people who were on the no fly list from buying weapons. that was viewed as the first step. i don't consider this a first step. i am a strong second amendment guy, and we have one of the highest rates of guns in the country and lowest rates of gun crime, and this specific piece of equipment, most -- in my experience, most people who are really into guns and how to handle them don't have much respect for the bump stock. it makes the gun less accurate and they don't think it's very important. we will see how the discussion unfolds and what the nra says and gun ownership, and this is not a slippery slope argument. if it had not been for this piece of equipment this tragedy would have been much less
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serious. >> we will see if it's a discussion about this at all, and if you want to show respect to the survivors, you do what they did, they faced something that was dangerous, lethal in this case, and they helped each other anyway. >> by the way, watching the tape you just showed, the guy i want to give a medal to is the guy that stayed keep your head down and move and get out, and he was there and he was in effect putting his life on the line for those other people, and that was impressive to me. >> a lot of citizens did it. why would you let somebody to have something to put on a device to overwhelm. we have what is going on with the russian investigation. the president continues to say there's nothing there and the proof is you have come up with nothing. how do you see it? >> well, i wish they would quit saying that.
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what was clear yesterday from the press conference and it's clear to me being on the intelligence committee working on this for eight or nine months is the russians meddled in our elections at the order of putin and in the end they were trying to help donald trump. there's no argument about that. the problem is, if we are going to defend ourselves against this in the future, and by the way, we have to acknowledge what they did so the american people can prepare themselves and understand how to prevent it. the second question is if there was collusion, and that's important, but the problem is the white house is so defensive about that question they're trying to say the whole thing is a witch hunt and a hoax. it's not a hoax. the facebook ads were paid for with raoub annuals.
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>> they are saying show where trump got involved? >> that's a question -- remember, watergate was a two-hour event involving four people. this is an 18-month event involving a foreign country, hundreds if not thousands of people and it's going to take time to get to the bottom of it. as richard burr said yesterday, some of the things we turned up and gotten into, we would not have expected nine months ago. facebook and twitter. we will have the ceo's in in a few weeks and go from there. >> you said to me before we came on, we have to talk about iran. it's not in the headlines right now. what is the issue? >> it will be within two or three days, because the president has to certify whether iran is in agreement -- >> or else? >> if he doesn't certify it,
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that throws it back to congress and it begins the unraveling of the agreement which i think would be a disaster. you don't have to rely on me. two days ago in the armed services committee i asked secretary mattis, pointblank, do you think it's in the national security interest to stay in the agreement, and he paused and then said, yes, senator, i do. there's no upside to unraveling this agreement. iran is doing a lot of bad things. this was not a friendship treaty. this was about a narrow issue of nuclear weapons, and all the bad things iran is doing in the region, they are terrible and unacceptable and we passed new set of sanctions on those things, and the only thing worse is a malignant iran with nuclear weapons. it's not a great deal. i didn't think it was a great
5:16 am
deal but it's the deal we have. if our allies are not with us on this, and there was a meeting up on the capital yesterday, and there are no violations and they have abided by the agreement, to try and unravel it now, i think a year from now we would have north korea and iran almost identical. if i were the president, i will say i will take one at a time and not both at one time. >> always a pleasure. alisyn, to you. >> did the killer behind the las vegas massacre have help? up next we discuss the working theories of the sheriff today. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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♪ investigators are beginning to piece together details in the las vegas massacre. the sheriff there suggesting the killer must have had help and a plan to escape. joining us now is former fbi special agent david shepherd. he worked for the fbi for more than 20 years and head of security at the venetian hotel. also we have jamesing a leon yo. james, do you agree that the
5:21 am
facts suggest he had help of some kind. >> it defies the logic he could have done this alone. but there are unhinged people that live separate lives. the girlfriend is back on u.s. soil. fbi agents are debriefing her. they are trained in interviews and interrogation, and they study body language and tone and the words. they will go out, and what she says will lead to different leads. there's the forensic evidence, and video from the casino, and we know 33 guns were purchased in the last year alone. each of the weapons has a serial number and a serial number is like a fingerprint and we will track down the relationships of the purchase of all those guns.
5:22 am
was he using exploding targets as a training aid or was a bigger and larger nefarious plot. >> i want to ask you about the hotel security guard. that's your expertise. hotel security. not enough has been said about the guy who distracted the gunman enough to stop the massive shooting spree. this hotel security guard figured out that the gunman was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, and he encountered a barricaded stairwell. the gunman already had enough premeditation to barricade the stairwell, and once the security guard made it up he ran to the room and as you know the gunman had staged these cameras outside of his room so he could monitor what was happening in the hallway, so he could shoot out the door into the hallway at the
5:23 am
security guard, and the security guard was shot and continued to help clear the floor of other people and continued to help to tell police where the shooter was holed up. do they train for things like an active shooter scenario with the security guards? >> yes, we train quite a bit on active shooters throughout our properties. we look at it from the situation of different policies in relationship to multiple shooters, and single shooters in rooms and we look at all different scenarios and how we interact with law enforcement and how we get them up faster, and how we move all the guests on the property as fast as we can. >> are hotel security guards armed? >> a lot of them are. it all depends on which property. they are trained on firearms and
5:24 am
handguns a handguns and revolvers. >> do you think incidents like this are making people in hotels across the country are rethinking their processes? >> you look at open air venues, and that is where the targets were, per se. if you look at hotels themselves, you have to look at all hotels and not only casinos that have a high altitude looking down on a particular property. we have meeting today talking about what new things could come out, and what the guests are expecting. we talked to a lot 6 experts about what needs to be done as we move forward. >> obviously there's always tragic lessons. this timeline just came out in terms of how things unfolded. the first shots were fired at 10:05, and at 10:12, officers
5:25 am
heard more gunfire above them. the last shots were fired at 10:15. that wounded security guard that i had been talking about, at 10:18, he is able to give the police the shooter's actual location, what room he's in. they start clearing the rooms of other people. of course they did not know if the guy planted explosives or if he was still alive or was going to continue to shoot, and the first breach we have heard the audio of, that doesn't happen until 11:20. they had to get all of their ducks in a row. what do you see, jim, when you look at this timeline? >> alisyn, in studying active shootings from 1966, the university of texas clock tower shooting and on forward, and we have seen shifts in the paradigm, and more of the instances in the last ten to 15 years, i don't want to say negotiations are becoming obsolete, but these committed
5:26 am
shooters are much less interested in negotiating, they are not looking to bargain but to kill as many people as often and then take their own lives or commit suicide by cop. and you were talking about the bump stock. when you listen to the volume of rounds on the different types of weapons that were turned from semiautomatic to fully automatic, we have to find a way to have congress make these devices illegally. people are going to see this, and as you see them being purchased in large numbers and people are selling out, and people are looking to get their hands on this, and it's sir come srepbtion. many of them we can trust, but you get an unhinged lunatic like
5:27 am
this subject was and you have 58 dead people. >> on monday we did not know that term, bump stock. today we do. talking about it helps to sound the alarm, and it sounds like some members of congress are already proposing legislation. thank you very much. we appreciate all of your experience. let's get to chris in washington, d.c. some people didn't know. a lot of gun owners do know what a bump stock is, and sales are spiking and supplies are going down. why? because they are concerned they could be taken away. it's a big factor in the debit, the fear of losing weapons. moments ago we discussed this with kellyanne conway, and she dismissed reports of tension between the president and secretary of state, rex tillerson. tillerson said he has no plans to resign, but why did he feel
5:28 am
the need to hold a press conference telling us that? that's next. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right. netflix on us. get 4 unlimited lines for just $40 bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now netflix included.
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president trump tweeting this morning about reports that the secretary of state, rex tillerson, wanted to resign and called the president, quote, a moron. the president says, rex tillerson never threatened to resign. no verification with me. how do we deal with the impasse? good news. we have the antidote on set this morning, cnn political analyst, maggi haeuberman. for the secretary of state to come out and feel the need to validate or as he said reaffirm the commitment to the president. what is your read? >> the president was upset by the nbc report, and by our reporting that's accurate that tillerson threatened to resign. you notice rex tillerson did not address calling him a moron. and rex tillerson made it clear
5:33 am
he was speaking to a audience of one. he wants to last for roughly a year or so and other advisers to the president think it's imperative he be in place right now, given everything that is going on in the world right now it would be tumultuous for the administration to do a secretary of state search right now. >> one step sideways. aaron david miller, he has a piece about how unusual a public rift between the secretary of state and the potus, and what the tenure would mean historically as well. now to the state of play. angus king said something, the senator from maine, he asked mattis directly, should we stay in the iran deal. he said after a pause, yes. it made me think, tillerson says we have to use diplomacy and the president said he's making a mistake and publicly embarrasses him. and mattis says we need to stay
5:34 am
in the iran deal, and what if the president does the same thing to mattis, which made me think about senator corker, and he said mattis, tillerson and kelly are those keeping us from chaos. >> that's a direct coat. -- a direct quote. the chaos he is pointing to is the presidency. he's not talking about outside events. he's partly talking about that. he's saying these people are working with a president that has a limited understanding of global affairs and these are the men keeping essentially sitting on the wall and keeping us safe to quote "a few good men." >> listen to this. here's senator corker.
5:35 am
>> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. i support them very much. he ends up not being supportive in a way i would hope the secretary of state would be supported. that's just from my vantage point. >> the context was in your opinion? >> the context was, two things, one is that corker is expressing a sentiment that a lot of republicans on capitol hill will say privately. the rest of the context is the president has made clear in his conversations with people where he stands on world affairs. there are a lot of people, including in his own circle, and including in the west wing and including cabinet officials that privately say you don't understand how many things we
5:36 am
stop from happening that he believes should be happening. i believe that's what corker is talking about. yes, there's chaos globally and that's a factor but i don't think that's what he is referring to when he says those are the three men protecting us. trump said he would protect us and you hear corker saying something different. >> las vegas, the issues of why this happens never gets discussed. nancy pelosi had a town hall about this, and here is what pelosi says that she is promising to do with the democrats. here it is. >> we take an oath to protect and defend the american people and we are not doing that. so your patience and the weight you bring to the question is a real challenge to the conscience of all of us, and we're never going to rest. we have said this to the
5:37 am
families over and over again, we will never rest until we get this done. we have to shorten the distance between what is inevitable to us and inconceivable to others. >> two things. that's bob patterson and his daughter, amanda. of course they have family in all of us right now grieving for their loss, but the idea that you are doing disrespect to the survivors by talking about this at all, that's what he wanted to talk about and we hear that time and time again out of all of this. and then the second point, and i said to it nancy pelosi last night, and we said it this morning. the tkefpdemocrats had the numb and got nothing done. the bump stock, it made it through in the obama administration. i get why she's going to say, yes, we must get something done, but they don't want to talk about it right now. what is the chance we see progress? >> i think it's slim.
5:38 am
you heard republicans, especially in the upper chamber saying they will look at the bu bump stock issue. background checks, that's been hard. if you are talking about doing something about bump stocks which is where the conversation is, seems like there's a little space for that. we come back to a couple of things. one thing is where the gop is on this, because to your point, democrats had the votes -- or had control and nothing happened. the president himself, democrats hope they can get him faced with his own previous support for some gun control measures, because the president as he has with many issues has been on several sides on many points, and after seeing what he saw yesterday in las vegas a need to make a change. i still think the chances are very slim. it's important to remember the nra was one of the top funders of the president last year. >> we have not heard from that
5:39 am
organization, and that's not unusual in this timing as well. >> it's odd to be here. >> you know no limitation. >> i am trapped in the studio, and you abandoned me for d.c. looks like a fun party down there. cam newton is under fire for calling a female reporter's question funny. why nobody was laughing. next.
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million americans. our money center has more. dave, what did you learn? >> we learn the former equifax ceo, richard smith, after being grilled from both sides of the saoe aisle about why consumers have control over what they collect, questioning the entire business' industries model. here's elizabeth warren. >> equifax did a terrible job of protecting our data because they didn't have a reason to care to protect our data. the incentives in this industrial are completely out of whack. >> the main criticism here, americans are the product and not the consumer. equifax is one of three nationwide credit reporting companies, and americans don't choose to share information, and will this breach lead to
5:45 am
stronger regulations on the industry. alisyn, the trump administration, weighing changing the social security numbers. >> that's an interesting development. stick around for the sports story. a quarterback facing a firestorm after comments he made to a female reporter. coy has more. >> we are talking about panthers quarterback, cam newton, after being asked about a play of one of his teammates. >> embracing the physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards, does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him -- >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. like, that's funny. >> a panthers' spokesman said
5:46 am
newton and the reporter spoke afterwards and newton expressed regret, but the reporter says newton did not apologize. she says i was dismayed by his response, and the nfl has responded as well, and spokesman brian mccarthy said the comments are wrong and disrespectful to those female journalists that cover our league. the panthers have an open locker and we will see if cam newton makes himself available for that, and tonight, patriots play the bucks. >> keep us posted. the president's critics say his response to puerto rico shows a lack of empathy. up next, the co-author of "art of the deal" tells us what he saw.
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for whatever comes next. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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how has president trump handled the various emergencies, and here was unique insight on the president's style. mr. schwartz co-wrote mr. trump's memoire, "the art of the deal," and now he contributes to a new book "the dangerous case of donald trump." welcome. >> thank you. >> how did you think he handled puerto rico? >> i was horrified. >> what part? >> the insensitivity and lack of empathy in a situation in which comforting ought to be happening. but he's incapable of comforting. when donald trump looks out into the world, what he says is a
5:52 am
reflection of himself, and that self he sees is a black hole that is leaking and it's leaking self-esteem at a very rapid rate. he needs to keep filling it up. the ability to see other people is almost nonexistent. >> in the book it says trump felt compelled to the go to the world. you either dominate or submit, or either create and exploit a fear or succumbed to it. how did you get that with all the time you spent with him? >> hundreds of hours around him made it very clear that a person was either serving his interest or was an enemy. there was never anything in between. often that same person that was an ally could become an enemy in a moment, and e what a will say
5:53 am
wonderful things about a person who he exsore yates in the next moment. he said he is the same person today as 70 as the 7. i believe that. you develop things like empathy and a conscience and self awareness long past the age of 7. if your development is arrested at age 7, you are not going to get those qualities or have them. >> he's getting much higher marks for the way he has been dealing with survivors and family members in las vegas. he went to the hospital. he interacted with people and gave out hugs. the ceo of the hospital there said he was making people laugh. he was providing comfort. what went on there? why do you think he was not able to do that in the style in puerto rico but was able to do that here in las vegas? >> the minute he gets criticized everything shifts to how i
5:54 am
react, dominate or submit, win or lose. it was a win/lose game there. when he can be in a position of total and complete authority then he can put on a show. that empathy is not empathy he's feeling from inside, he's an actor in that role. in certain situations, when e what -- when he's not under a threat he can be an actor. >> you try to capture the way people deal with him in a chapter in the book. you write in the hundreds of trump phone calls i listened in on with his consent and the dozens of meetings i attended with him, i never remember anybody disagreeing with him about anything. the same climate of fear and paranoia seems to have taken root in this white house. >> why can't the people tell the emperor he has no clothes? >> he can't take it. it's the classic story of the bully. if you criticize him, he feels not only diminished but
5:55 am
decimated. that's an internal feeling, and he will attack back harder, and he said that many times, i am a counter puncher. if you challenge my value, i will challenge yours. >> john kelly, mattis, tillerson, they don't play by those rules. why do they sdo that? >> he is the president of the united states. they have no choice but to go along. you can see with tillerson, who you were talking about earlier, what is going on behind the scenes is teeth grinding and anger and frustration. you know, it's very seductive to be in that role, to be in any of these roles in the cabinet or close to the president. it's a trade that they are all making every day. i said before, and i will say it
5:56 am
again, every person -- every rational person who is around trump knows who he is in a moment because the outer trump is no different than the inner trump and what we see is what they get times ten. >> sounds like what you are describing is classic narcissism. >> i am describing a personality disorder. there's a variety of psychiatrists making different judgments, and all agreeing that there's a fundamental personality disorder. he is not fit to lead, and that he has made clear and that's what frightens me the most. what i don't want to allow to be normalized. >> always interesting to get your perspective. thank you for being with us. cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow and john berman will begin after this quick break.
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feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power. good morning, everyone. it's the top of the hour. i am poppy harlow. >> i am john berman. did he have help is the question surrounding the killer in las vegas. did he have help? you have to make the assumption he did, and that is from the las
6:00 am
vegas sheriff leading the investigation. it also appears the killer made plans to escape. his girlfriend questioned by the fbi said she had no idea he had planned violence against anybody. >> we have new video by a city worker just across from the mandalay bay hotel. look at that. >> run, don't walk! >> run! go! go! everybody, go! go! run, keep your head down! go. keep your head down! go! >> 32 floors above police were closing in and the sheriff said the gunman still had plans to escape. this has 172 victims still remain in the hospital. at least 35 of them remain in critical condition this morning. hundreds of families, thousands of


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